Small businesses on Etsy

Callum Brown is 23 years old and lives in Colchester. Two years ago he started his own Etsy store called CBUniquelyCrafted. Since then he has been making wooden Swedish Torch Floor Lamps on the weekends and in the past twelve months his business has started to take off.

The idea came when he was browsing the Internet and came across a log lamp on Pinterest. He decided to changed it up a bit and make one of his own and made an Instagram account where he uploaded a picture of the finished product. It received a lot of likes and comments of people asking where they could get one so he decided to open up an Etsy shop.

Callum calls them Swedish Torch Lamps and draws the inspiration from the so-called Swedish torch, which the Swedish army developed during the Thirty Years War. It’s made from a single log split in a cross and then set upright with tinder and kindling inside to create a fire that burns for hours.

Since then he has ventured out a bit and started doing other woodwork. He gets the wood for free from his friend who happens to be a tree surgeon.

“At first it started off in the garden so I got no trees left in my garden” Callum says laughing.

It hasn’t all run smoothly however and Callum encountered a problem after a shipment to America.

“When they are packaged and they go on a plane moisture build-up happens inside the box so the wood actually grew mould on it” Callum says. “You can imagine when they opened it up and went ‘OMG! I’ve got a little forest down in there’. So they weren’t happy and they are the only bad reviews I have”.

The couple got their money back and he has since remedied the problem and always coats his wood to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.

Callum is still doing log lamps but has also decided to try out something new and has recently begun making glass jewellery. He is still in the prototype stage, perfecting his craft before he decides to put them up for sale.


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