Vaccine fear

Whilst Europe waits eagerly for the vaccines against Covid-19 to get approved by the European Medicines Agency. In Sweden an opinion poll has shown that every fourth Swede is unwilling to get vaccinated, Ellinor Friström has more in this report.

Find a job before Friday or get a one-way ticket to Afghanistan

15 December, Stockholm In the dark and damp December weather, a group of people are standing outside the immigrant detention centre in Märsta, 40 km north of Stockholm. It is cold and they have braved the ban on public gatherings because inside the building on the other side of the road are migrants locked up... Continue Reading →

‘No justice, no peace!’: Thousands of people flocked to Melbourne city as part of Black Lives Matter protest

By Ellinor Friström | June 12, 2020 | 4:16 PM Tens of thousands of people marched across Australian cities on Saturday as part of a protest against police brutality and racism. In the city of Melbourne, it's estimated that 10,000 people showed up. Member of Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) and organiser Dr... Continue Reading →

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