A beginners guide to making good filter coffee

They say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast but what’s perhaps even more important to prepare you for a day full of hard work is a good cup of coffee. Today many people buy their coffee on the go but this can get pricey. The secret to making a good cup... Continue Reading →


Essex University’s Jewish society scandal – what really happened?

When more than 200 students voted against the formation of a Jewish society at the University, fears were raised about anti-Semitism. With around 600 votes in total, about 64% were in favour of the ratification. “I was shocked, I didn’t expect that at all because it was the first time I really experienced anti-Semitism directly,”... Continue Reading →

From exclusion to limelight

Photographer: David Fisher She was lying there on the cold ground, her body wasn’t moving. Just a second ago she was standing in between two of the people she loved most in this world in a desperate attempt to keep them from tearing one another apart. Around her people were screaming. Their faces looked terrified. She... Continue Reading →

Small businesses on Etsy

Callum Brown is 23 years old and lives in Colchester. Two years ago he started his own Etsy store called CBUniquelyCrafted. Since then he has been making wooden Swedish Torch Floor Lamps on the weekends and in the past twelve months his business has started to take off. The idea came when he was browsing... Continue Reading →

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