Yasmin Sidhwa creates theatre with a mission

Photographer: David Fisher “We’ve become so PC that people won't talk and then when they are given half a chance it's bubbling under the surface”. Castaways – the new thought-provoking theatre play written by the award-winning playwright Atiha Sen Gupta is now coming to its end after having been on a National tour since May. It... Continue Reading →


Small businesses on Etsy

Callum Brown is 23 years old and lives in Colchester. Two years ago he started his own Etsy store called CBUniquelyCrafted. Since then he has been making wooden Swedish Torch Floor Lamps on the weekends and in the past twelve months his business has started to take off. The idea came when he was browsing... Continue Reading →

Tracey Childs: From acting to producing

Tracey Childs might be most known for playing Lynne Howard in the 1980s drama series Howards' Way. She has also starred as Linda Cosgrove in the television series Born and Bred and most recently Elaine Jenkinson in Broadchurch. Her absolute favourite roles however include Martha in Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf and Tracy Lord in... Continue Reading →

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