The most powerful narratives of our time: Why people believe in conspiracy theories

Last month Sweden experienced its first demonstration against covid restrictions when hundreds of protesters gathered in central Stockholm under the banner ‘freedom and truth’.  They sang the national anthem and chanted ‘freedom Sweden’ as onlookers watched in disbelief from across the street.  Many showed up carrying signs with messages such as ‘5G is making Swedes... Continue Reading →

The disease killing Sweden’s young men

It’s a sunny winter's day in January. Alejandro and his younger brother Robin are standing outside their apartment building smoking cigarettes.  Robin is supposed to be at school but their parents are away so he did what many teenage boys do and decided to stay at home playing video games.  As they are standing outside... Continue Reading →

Pandemic helps artisan bread business rise

While many businesses are struggling to make ends meet, Kylie Moppert, a 57-year-old independent artisan baker, says the COVID-19 pandemic has been good for her business.  Kylie’s Slow Dough relies on customers who are willing to come in during the morning and pre-order baked goods, and more people are now willing to do this, Ms Moppert says.  “For four... Continue Reading →

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